Emma Doorish - Wild Soul Therapist

A wild soul therapist basically it means I am Psychotherapist who works soulfully. After running a successful psychotherapy practice I realised that I was using my skills in an intuitive and creative way.

I am an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist and member of the BACP (ok most of you won’t know what that is, but it is harder to get recognised by them than to get into MI5) so I am able to work safely and effectively with trauma. I also work both short and long term as each client will have their own needs, expectations and desires when it comes to therapy.

I merge traditional psychotherapy and soul lead practice. Working pragmatically and practically but also creatively and intuitively. You don’t need to be Spiritual or Soulful to work with me. I work with you exactly as you are, exactly as you come. My approach is holistic in that I consider all parts of you, your body, your mind, your soul.

The framework I use is Solution Focused Therapy which allows us to work towards change.

Areas Of Expertise

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