Why did I set up the Wild Soul Sanctuary?

I set up the Wild Soul Sanctuary to revive the wild soul within. You know that rebel who says fuck that to societies norms and rules.

You know her, the wild one who knows and feels things.

Lets wake her up even more, ask her to stand in line with her ancient and wise ancestors.

Remind her of her connection to the seasons, the earth, the moon. Revive her magic, intuitiveness, creativity and gifts.

Surround her with other wild souls. Weaving the sacred with basic fun and good craic.

Wild Soul Sanctuary
Wild Soul Sanctuary - What we do

What do we do in the Sanctuary?

Wild Soul Sanctuary was created after ten years hearing almost identical stories from my clients. As a Psychotherapist I was honoured to work with 100s of beautiful souls. And you know what I heard almost daily from nearly every client I worked with.

I’m alone. I’m broken.

And that’s what it feels like as you move through life’s big transitions and breakdowns without our tribe/community. We are missing the structures and holding. We are without our initiations and support.

This is the heart of the Wild Soul Sanctuary. It’s the women, the wild souls. The community.

What's included in the membership?

Fortnightly Reiki Energy Share

A chance to relax, receive and fill up your cup.

Monthly Sacred Story

When we put on our PJs, grab a warm cuppa and snuggle up to listen to a Sacred Story from the past. Reviving the ancient and lost art of storytelling and oral tradition.

Full and Dark Moon Info & Self-Led Ritual

Explaining the full and dark moon phases and suggested ritual to tune into Grandmother Moon and her wisdom.

Once a Month Guided Journey

Connecting to the Celtic Wheel of the year and changing seasons, bringing us back to our cycles and the cycles of Mother Earth.

Special Guests

Every two months we will do a workshop with Special Guests.

The Wild Soul Sanctuary will be coming soon - Are you in ?

What do the founding members say?