R eiki

No matter where you are on your healing/spiritual journey Reiki is there for you.

Reiki calls you when the time is right and will welcome you with healing arms, gifting you with what you need. 

I had my first reiki treatment about 20 years ago in my hometown of Limavady in Northern Ireland. I connected immediately to it and after the session, I felt peaceful, calm and boy did I sleep that night. It was a few years later when I started my own journey into reiki when I came across a mindfulness centre in Edinburgh. Reiki came in and out of my life quite sporadically for years, and yet it always found me.

I imagine if you are reading this then you have stumbled upon reiki too. I always get asked what is reiki, and while I can give the technical answer, “Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.”, I don’t feel I am ever really answering the question. It is not something to be explained in simple terms, it is more something to be experienced. It is a form of spiritual healing and no two reiki sessions are ever the same. It is a profound way of creating balance which can manifest itself in many different ways. The closest translation in English is spiritual energy. I think this is a beautiful way to express Reiki as it allows us to work on a soulful level.

Many people experience a feeling of calmness, peacefulness during and after a reiki session. Often a practitioner can ‘pick-up’ on ailments or injury. It is a beautiful way to practice self-care and to take care of your wellbeing. Reiki can help with a wide array of emotional and physical symptoms and can have some quite profound results. It can also simply be a bit of me-time where you can relax and allow the energy to do what it needs to do.

Healing from the BMS Centre

In-person Reiki takes place in a beautiful wee centre in Limavady. The Body, Mind and Soul Centre is a little gem tucked away in the heart of Limavady. Clients describe feeling instant relief walking through the door. Something I can certainly attest to. I will meet you in Reception and bring you to our treatment room where you will be asked to get snuggled-up on the treatment bed. 



As reiki is tapping into the universal life source energy you can even enjoy it from your own home through distance reiki healing. For me, distant Reiki is a very powerful experience and allows a very deep form of healing. It also reminds me of how we are all connected at the soul level and how this work is so transident. For distant Reiki, you simply create the healing space in your own home. 

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