Integrative Counselling 

Do you feel trapped in your own head? Are you craving an outlet where you can work on yourself? Do you just need some guidance to help you navigate your emotions?

Integrative counselling can give you the time, space and direction to make sense of how you’re feeling, to explore and heal the past, work with what’s happening in the present and create the future you want.


Often we don’t make time for our mental health; it’s time for that to change. Integrative counselling is longer-term therapy and provides a consistency of time and space to work on a very deep level. It allows a space to slow things down and work in a safe and supportive way.


Using combination therapy in a way that works for you, that allows you to focus on internal processes at your own pace. I have training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Solution Focused Therapy and Hypnotherapy. This allows me to have a flexible and creative approach and have access to different therapeutic models to find the right fit for you.



It can be a great comfort to have a time and space just for you, to be listened to and heard. To work on what’s important to you and to use the time and space the way you want and need.

I was stuck in life with low confidence and self-esteem. Working with Emma has changed my life. She is so intuitive and gentle and I feel she really helped me to take my control back. I only wish I had done this work earlier. I have learned how to care and listen to myself.

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