Solution-Focused Therapy

Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy

Do you envision your future as a content, calm and happy person?

Do you know you want things to be different but are unsure of how that can happen or what it would be like?

My approach is solution-focused which is intensive, effective and begins by you visualising your future the way you want it to be, using the strengths and resources you already have to move you closer to that future. One step at a time. I use a holistic model of working which allows room to work with what's needed to move forward. The future is created and negotiated and you will already by moving forward using your own innate skills and talents, perhaps without even realising it.


There is a common assumption that change should take a long time and be difficult. I don't believe that, change is happening all the time and often it's the small changes that make a big difference.


By focusing on the solutions or working towards what you want to be different, there is an automatic change in focus which motivates and empowers you to make those changes happen. Having this clear vision of the future allows you to be guided by it, spurred on by it, it allows you to measure where you are and most importantly feel in control of your future. And this can happen in just a few sessions.


I use hypnotherapy to work with both conscious and unconscious parts to make rapid and lasting change. When we have all parts working in agreement anything is possible.

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