Stop Smoking

Are you battling with stopping smoking? You’re not alone.

The idea of addiction to nicotine is powerful and many people struggle with cigarettes for their entire lives. Maybe you’ve tried multiple methods; Allan Carr literature, patches, gum and even cold turkey...but you’ve always returned to the cigarettes. Imagine giving up this toxic habit in an afternoon.


I drill down into the source of the reason you smoke. Does it reconnect you to being carefree? Does it help you relax? Do you feel like your life would be ‘less’ without it?


Very simply, these are untrue beliefs that you hold around smoking. In our session, I will chip away at them until we break them down and reestablish your mindset and you are free of the hold smoking has over you


Stop smoking today


I had been smoking since my teens and had tried everything to give up. I'd last two weeks and then go back. It's been four years since I saw Emma and still I'm a happy healthy non smoker.


I was scepticle at first. But what can I say it works. I am a convert now and cannot recommend Emma enough. She has such a lovely voice and is so calm and caring. One session and I stopped. It's amazing.



It's mad.I never even think about smoking now. I can be in the pub or with other mates that smoke and I have no desire. It all revolts me now to be honest. Emma is incredible. Go see her.

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